HORSEPOWER Classic Automotive Fine Art Photography

Images con passione

We offer unique, personalised fine art images of you and your cars. We work with important and unique vehicles in personal collections, museums and corporate marketing.

At your home

We can come to you, spending around four hours (or longer for a large collection) taking images that capture the passion and beauty of your vehicles. We take great care to place the cars in context, with you, your family and place.

We offer a hand-crafted bespoke leather-bound album of your images. We also can provide large framed or mounted images for your walls.

Our albums are hand made and very special pieces of artwork for pride of place on your coffee table. They are designed to impress.

Your cars may be in the garage or storage, but your album of unique artwork is available all year round to show your friends and family.

Our albums are individual, very rare and made to order. Please contact us now to discuss how we can capture the passion and beauty of your cars.

HORSEPOWER by John Warden Photography

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